Bathsheba Books, published by Usborne

I've written three funny, diary-style books from the point of view of a girl called Bathsheba Clarice de Trop. Bathsheba (Bath for short) is as over the top and original as her name.

In the first book, CHIPS, BEANS AND LIMOUSINES: THE FANTASTIC DIARY OF BATHSHEBA CLARICE DE TROP, she starts off being a real show-off, going on about her glamorous life with her celebrity mother. But as you read on, you find out that there are a lot of secrets in Bath's life - and that she's not exactly the person she pretends to be. (Hint: There are really  TWO Bathshebas!) The truth comes out when her long-lost father arrives on the scene. Lots of emotion, comedy and excitement follow, and Bath turns out to be a much nicer person than she seemed at first.

In her second diary, SOCKS, SHOCKS AND SECRETS: THE SPECTACULAR SECOND DIARY OF BATHSHEBA CLARICE DE TROP, Bathsheba leaves her glamorous life behind to live on a London estate with her dad, and go to school for the very first time (she was always home-schooled before). She makes friends and enemies, audtions for the school play - Bath loves acting and wants to be a film star - and gets caught up in a dramatic mystery when the school computers go missing. And yes, there are lots of socks, shocks and secrets in the book.

In the third book, DOUGHNUTS, DREAMS AND DRAMA QUEENS: THE THEATRICAL THIRD DIARY OF BATHSHEBA CLARICE DE TROP,  Bath gets to go on the acting summer camp she's always dreamed of: Dramarama Camp, where stars are born and fame is just a photograph away! But she has no idea how super-starry and scarylicious Dramarama Camp will really turn out to be, what with friends who turn into rivals, an old enemy with the worst dog in the world, and a final show that literally brings the house down.

The books are published by USBORNE in the UK. Click here to see the wonderful web-pages they've made for Bathsheba.

Click here  to find an audio version of CHIPS, BEANS AND LIMOUSINES


Click here for CHIPS,BEANS AND LIMOUSINES in Spanish (South American). Being Spanish, it has double the exclamation marks of the original :-)

I've also just heard that French rights have been sold for all three books - more details when I have them!